Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority
4480 Cates Landing Road Tiptonville, Tennessee 38079
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Our Mission
To serve as the inland waterways' premier facilities development location for marine cargoes.

Delivering Products
The Right Way

Port of Cates Landing is owned by the Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority and is located at the 900 mile marker on the Mississippi River, about half way between Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana, with access to the Canadian National Rail Road that has access to the West, East, and Gulf Coasts markets. We have engaged the firm of H.G. Frediksen (251) 599-5906 to operate and market the port.

The state of the art facility features 400 feet of dock wall along with a major laydown area, 37,500 square feet of transit shed with 5 dock doors. Marketing and business development leader serving the Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority's Board of Commissioners supporting the community and economic development interests of the area through business attraction targeting inland maritime, foreign trade zone (FTZ), and other freight business.

The newly installed scale, radiation detection apparatus, and multiple reefer plugs are features on the inland waterway that are unparalleled. Especially noteworthy is the topography, a Mississippi River port that has been constructed above, practically, the 500-year flood plain, with over 3000 acres (1215 Hectares) for industrial development.

Port of Cates Landing

What Sets Us Apart
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Located in the heart of Tiptonville, TN Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority And Official Site Of The Port At Cates Landing offers Tennessee businesses a safe and effective way to transport cargo. As an open-minded team with a newly installed facility, we offer fast rate request turn-around times paired with exceptional customer service. Our in-house logistics include experienced connections to truck, marine (inland and ocean), Stevedore, and rail service providers. When you work with us, you work with a team of dedicated professionals that value your business

Our Goals

Offer port options for existing and new companies who import or export

Offer flexible operating options (self serve or full service)

Offer full service logistics support (all we need is the chance to compare)

Tell us what you need and let's work together to achieve it

Open minded management will consider whatever option best fits your business

Friendly people with a great attitude

Create jobs for the community

Get to "Yes or No" as soon as possible as part of our responsibility to respect the customer

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